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The hosts, Kay and Adrian, Go Raw on this episode of No Rubber. They are also joined by Erin and Jane from the E&J show; and Benny Bing. What does single till married mean?? Do you believe in that philosophy? Valentine’s day…BS? Do you have one? Multiple? Is it mutual? Does it have to be an economic display of affection? Do guys (men) get anything more than sex? ? Several callers chimed in with the crew and shared their opinions and dropped some knowledge. Crazy, fun conversation. Give it a listen. & come chime in next week & GO RAW! The live show airs every Wednesday at 7 PM EST. Find out more info by following the show @No_Rubber or the hosts @BmoreNigerian and @Bmore4Life via twitter.



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The abduction of Dona (Nuella Njubigbo) by her best friend Desiree (Rita Dominic) leads to detestation between them just because of desiree’s desire towards Dona’s husband Ransome (Artus Frank) meanwhile ransome flirts with his ex girlfriend
Egede (Mercy Johnson) who is married to toby (Tchidi Chikere),its left for Ransome to make his choice.