House of Nwocha

It was a spectacular 4 day Fashion-experience in Lagos, Nigeria last week between the 10th – 13th of March, 2011; this huge event hosted 51 designers from around the world of African descent. Hosted by Arise Magazine , it proved to be one the biggest Sartorial experience Nigeria has ever had, in terms of designers, models, guests at the event and publicity. So much fashion goodness, we thought to share a few pictures of our favorite designers from the event.

Our Day1 images feature:

Jewel coloured fabrics from House of Nwocha caught or eyes, the pretty hair pieces and lace-fabric used at Viv La Resistance were the center of attention, Toju Foyeh used a lot of demure colors but very body-conscious pieces, Grecian Glamour at Ejiro Amos-Tafiri, Christie Brown‘s collection was the most cohesive with a strong 40’s glamour inspiration, it was a ”Meshy-Situation” at Maki-Oh, most innovative on the night; she was able to effectively layer Mesh on some tie&dye fabric and in thinking outside the box, Maki-Oh used pieces of soft-bamboo on her pieces in intricate detailing, Bridget Awosika was Sophisticated and Classy, Ituen Basi was saving the night with her creative Ankara-Printed helmets, Print on Print experience with Jewel by Lisa , she threw in some embellishments too. Finally, it was Tiffany Amber giving us Silk + beaded exclusives + sequins and more.


See full collections here

PhotoCredit: HauTeFashionAfrica

Fashion-Spectacular, Day 1: Arise Magazine Fashion Week, Lagos, Nigeria.

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