”TheStyleJury’’ is a Gidilounge Style initiative that focuses on Nigerian Celebrities based locally and internationally, Nigerian Born and of Nigerian descent that have an eye for fashion and get our votes when it comes down to being stylish. We will of course give some of our readers the opportunity to feature; giving these celebrities a run for their money


Facing the Jury this week is none other than UK Rap Sensation, Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu or as he is better recognised, Tinie Tempah. Patrick is well known for his hit record ‘Pass out‘ amongst other songs ‘Miami to Ibiza‘ and ‘Frisky‘. The popular rapper is also well known for being arguably one of the best dressed UK rappers. Read on to see what the Gidilounge Style Jury thinks of Tinie Tempah’s style!

On the panel this week we have two thirds of the usual Gidilounge Style team:

Kiki – Beauty & Fashion Writer here at Gidilounge.

Promise - Fashion Writer here at Gidilounge.

and this week we have a GUEST Juror! What better way to kick off Men’s week here at Gidilounge than to have our FIRST guest Juror! This week, Denola Adepetun will be joining us to analyse the style of Mr. Tinie Tempah!

Look 1

Kiki: I like the idea of adding a pop of colour with that orange scarf. Normally I would be against the trainers, but I’m going to allow this only because the trainers along with the glasses and scarf adds a playful spin on what could have been a smart/formal outfit.

Promise: Tinie,  actually let me call my future husband by his Igbo name, Chucks, really knows how to do smart casual, I really like the young edge giving to this outfit with that bright orange scarf.

Denola: This look on Tinie Tempah, although quite nerd-suave, is overdone. From the Nerd glasses to the white tee under the fitted suit, to the shoes; It’s all boring. However, I do give Tinie props for the splash of orange on the predominantly navy outfit. Next time, opt for something more 2011 buddy.

Look 2

Kiki: Not a fan at all of this outfit. I just don’t like the themes of black and faded black. I think if you are going to do ‘all black everything’ then you need to keep to one shade of black. But that’s just me.

Promise: Just a simple black look, but he makes it pop with his personality.

Denola: Sigh, ok

Favorite part of the outfit: the Biker jacket

The wash of the jeans is quite atrocious not to mention that our boy opted to wear J’s (air Jordan’s) with the outfit. Maybe it’s the fact that guys wearing J’s for the past two years in Texas have surrounded me, but there something about J’s that make me cringe. The shoes/sneakers/whatever are bulky, have no definite shape and just makes whoever wears them look clumsy and unkempt. FAIL


Look 3

Kiki: My favourite look. I’m not sure why either. Perhaps its the camouflage and denim. Something about this combination just works. I love a man in a V-neck Gray Marl t-shirt too!

Promise: LOVE! this outfit, I would totally wear the girl version of this outfit but with camouflage trousers, just a great casual day look.


This is definitely better. Very casual laid-back summer look. The deep V, Camouflage shorts and the denim jacket; all good choices. However, The J’s! Sigh. I would finish the outfit with some slip-ons/ loafers or even Toms. (Tine has extremely large quads though so maybe finding decent pants for him is a problem)



Look 4

Kiki: As much as I love Tinie, I have to admitt I am SICK of those nerdy glasses. Cute once in a while, but with a suit like this? I’d say no. Its just doing too much. I would have preferred some patent shoes too, but the white blazer with the black trimmings and accents gets a thumbs up from me. I have a love-hate relationship with bowties. I don’t think every man can pull of a bowtie and I’m not sure im feeling it here either.

Promise: Tinie is the master of pulling of the geek chic look,  he is dressed formal but still has a way of adding little touches to make it look younger and show off his personal style.

Denola: I’m very impressed that Tinie chose this look for the 2011 Brit awards, you can hardly go wrong with the white dinner jacket and black pants look. The bowtie definitely adds some pizazz to the outfit and even though I usually do not condone sneakers with suit pants, Tinie makes it work. Just keep the nerd glasses at home next time bro.


Look 5


Kiki: NOW HERE the Bowtie works! The bowtie works here VERY WELL. I love this suave look on Tinie. The Double breasted jacket is giving me life in the most beautiful way. The fit of this suit is unbeatable. Thumbs up! I’m not even going to discuss the studded Louboutins. They speak for themselves.

Promise: Are those the studded Loubs? enough said, I love it. Only Tinie can pull off studded shoes with a tuxedo.

Denola: Fav: Slim-Fit black pants, All Black Roller Ball Spiked Christian Louboutins

The top have jut isn’t working for me. The double-breasted jacket was not a bad choice, however, couple that with an untucked white shirt and the slouchy bowtie, then Tinie looks homeless on top, and classy from the waist down


Look 6

Kiki: I like the shirt. But the guys in this country have RUINED Chino’s for me. And these white trainers again? I need to take Tinie shoe shopping! …Well, actually, he might need to take me because our bank balances are not quite on the same level yet!

Promise: Laid back casual look, but still has character and style.

Denola: I mean, I guess… NEXT


Look 7

Promise: Only a real man can pull of pink trousers, hottie. I love, I’m not obsessed by the way.

Kiki: Yummy pants! I love the pink pants. Perhaps the only look where the nerdy glasses does work? (…and Promise, is TOTALLY obsessed)

Denola: General approval on my end. Love the Pastel Pink pants with the Navy Blazer. The top is pretty interesting too. Reminds me of some of the stuff I saw from Grey (A Nigerian designer). However the AIRFORCES ARE A NO NO. A-


Look 8

Kiki: An ‘alright’ look for me. I like the suit a lot. He’s definitely making it work, but something about the shoes and the white tshirt is just not working for me. And that tshirt looks like its trying to be a v-neck but didn’t quite get there yet. 5/10 from me.

Promise: Here again teaming formal and casual, and pulling it off.

Denola: LOVE THE CHAMPAGNE COLORED SUIT! The cut, to the trimming on the lapels? YES and YES. Shoes hell no. But I’m guessing it’s his trademark look.  So there’s no winning this one. Good job Tinie I’m mildly impressed.

If you would like to be one of the judges on the Style Jury hot seat, then leave us a comment giving your viewpoints on Tinie’s featured outfits and your e-mail address.

Male Week: Style Jury – Tinie Tempah

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