“Why are dudes dressing like females?”
“Only men who are celebrities can wear skinny jeans and get away with it and people will say that stuff looks cute or that it looks nice…

If you’ve been keeping up with hiphop culture (or even pop culture) for that matter, these are some of the thoughts I’m sure you’ve been having lately. And if you haven’t, I sure have. Trends in fashion typically are a reflection of what is going on in the world at that moment in time, and one must wonder what is happening in our world that is provoking designers to promote, and consumers to consume, fashion that is neither specifically male nor female.

At his Aug. 5th stop on the Glow in the Dark tour, Kanye West addressed the issue of how personal interpretation can often be hurtful and disrespectful by saying, “You know how many people came at me, calling me ‘gay’ cause I wear my jeans the fresh way? …That sh** is disrespectful.”

Anyone who know me properly will know that I respect Kanye and I believe he is innovative and refreshing in an where absence of thought seems to be celebrated. And I appreciate Kanye’s penchant to unapologetically verbalize his thoughts. He me think, just as I encourage my readers to. However, Kanye is experiencing the effects of a culture that has embraced delicacy and more feminine ways, and not everyone is ok with it.

Kanye brought to light the connection between representation and truth.
On its face, men are no longer required to represent themselves in hyper masculine ways. When men are not visibly representative of their stereotyped masculinity, they are labelled in ways that question their heterosexuality. I don’t agree with labelling someone solely based upon how they look, but at it’s hard to ignore what appears to be the obvious. When a man is undoubtedly effeminate in his appearance, perceptions are created.. Even though there is a saying now that men that are like that are Metrosexuals (KMT rubbish).

I do see that men are embracing their femininity, and the tight jeans are just a small example of that. Still, some men are going a tad bit too far with trying to toe the line of “I’m straight but I don’t act like it’. More and more men are adopting social behaviours and styles of dress that are so androgynous, so sexually blurred, that the lines between heterosexuality and homosexuality, male and female, are no longer drawn clearly in the sand, and the fear of crossing back and forth over them is no longer as prevalent.

For years, entertainment culture has tried to include everyone, straight, gay, or in-between. But in recent years, with the rise of metrosexuality, heterosexual men are seeing their masculinity compromised.

Pick up any high fashion magazine, or specifically, the American Apparel clothing catalogue, and you’re likely to see men posed in ways that are clearly geared towards the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) community. Once considered “hardcore” rappers are proudly sporting nut-hugging pants that would give any woman a crazy yeast infection.

And if at all you want to wear skinny jeans ensure you have the right shape of legs to go with it, I mean what’s up with men that wear skinny’s and know full well that they have bowlegs, knocked knees two left feet, big thighs, massive calves, and lastly bulging manhood….pls pls pls its meant to be hidden….. FIX UP…

So, I ask you enlightened folks a few questions: If androgynous clothing styles are stereotypically considered to be more “gay-friendly” than “hetero-friendly”, why are heterosexual men being encouraged to believe that it’s cool or trendy to adopt these types of fashion choices? Like I questioned above, what are these messages sending? And, like I like to ask “are these just trends… or are people using this as an excuse to show their true colours?”

Much Love……..

Note: This is not an anti-gay post. I am purely curious as to why the lines between hetero/homo are being erased as they pertain to heterosexual men.


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  • nice one…….i like very much. well done….this the article hav been waitin for.

  • i like.this is gud

  • Well written. Its about time a man addressed this issue. Keep up the good work hun.

  • Nice review ,however i dn’t completely think its gay but its just the behaviour that accompanies the person wearing it.

    • @Vuitton, my point exactly, if a guy wears skinny jeans and shake his ass as he walks … O.o

  • well said…well written man.
    i really don’t get it myself. while i am a tolerant person (to each their own) i dont appreciate the messages being sent out at all…its not all fashion trends that are cool oh!! as with anything else in life, pick out what suits you.
    bear in mind that “first impressions last long” so you will be judged according to wut u decide to clad yourself in. be ready to face the judgements/ harsh criticisms that comes with it.

  • rightly said thinkaholic….

  • True Talk…And d funny thing is that some people that do not have a FASHION SENSE make things worse for themselves.

    They should know that there’s a thin line between DRESS SENSE AND FASHION SENSE.



  • I like this Artical I guess people are adopting fashion that they see on TV ……. its very sad becasue they dont have theri own sense of style im sure if Kanye wears a skirt, people will start to follow I mean come on be a leader not a follow follow …..damn Floaters…lol

  • I like this Artical I guess people are adopting fashion that they see on TV ……. its very sad because they dont have their own sense of style, I’m sure if Kanye wears a skirt people will start to follow. I mean come on be a leader not a follow follow …..damn Floaters…lol

  • The question I need to be asking you is why anything that doesn’t have to do with letting another man stick his penis in your asshole should be considered “effeminate” or gay. Here you are complaining about people following trends on the one hand, and in the same breath using the outdated bandwagon thinking of the 80s that men who dress a certain way should be considered effeminate and gay. Abeg, make I hear word jo!!!

  • kanye looks good in dat picture lol!..and besides i think pple shud be allowed to wear watever they want cos ones dress sense doesnt necessarily define who they are sexually.also, gay guys are like the most stylish pple ever.

  • this is so dumb,why judge people beco of how they dress…..i don’t even get it. fukin leave people alone all u constigators and if i like waering skiinys i think its my problem nd noone elses!shitman!

  • I think people waver here. Trends are trends because they are followed. If you do not want to follow trends, make ur own fashion statement. I think mostly white men look better in skinny jeans, but maybe that’s because thats what I’m used to seeing. I think there’s nothing wrong with Kanye’s dressing up there; and I commend him for his fearlessness in fashion. Unfortunately, the majority of Nigerians are too afraid of trying new things in fashion for fear of being categorised. If you’re not comfy putting on certain things, DON’T put them on. If it’s what you like, put it on. It may or may not look good; you be the judge.

    I have tried on skinny’s and they do not look good on me, but if they did, I’d throw them on! A lot of people(Nigerians Especially) who love fashion overthink it and start setting boundaries for themselves. Try it all! If it don’t look good on you, Take the shit off! It’s not up to the rest of the world to instruct you on what to buy.

  • I think this is small thinking if u ask me. So when did wearing skinny jeans and other metrosexual style clothing only become a homosexual thing. When did wearing them means that the line between heterosexuals and homosexuals is removed. It seems to me that you have deeper problems and it has nothing to do with men wearing tighter jeans or paying more attention to their feminine side. We live a free world and we get to make decisions and how and waht we do as human beings. No one forces any one to wear any type of clothing. People dress accroding to their liking and to what the deem as acceptable. So these foolish accusations that only LGBT dresses in a certain type of clothing and heterosexual men dress more masculine is absurd.

  • common guys wat da fuck are u guys saying.. Skinny leg jeans is jst d bomb right now.. If u cant wear it then keep on wearin ur straight jeans.. U guys should get a life n stop judgin pple.. I rock skinny jeans like mad n they are nice..

  • skinny jeans on men is cool…depends on how u rock it and following trends is just total bull…people (especially Nigerians) need to learn to set their own trends. but i guess not errbody has the capability to do so…kanye looks good in the pic (no homo)

  • u guys ar just commentn on wah Bode wrote….ar u guys telln me skinny jeans is only meant for galz?….abeg bone levels mehn.
    if its only for galz den i guess u all should prosecute uni qlo for makn mens skinny jeans.
    skinny jeans rocks mehn.
    just check out a faded and turn skinny jeans on a turkd in fitted shirt and u come nak baba nice shoe(ko shoe)untop am.
    mehn u all dont get it do u?

  • well i think Kanye is Kanye cos of his bizarre, yet refreshing, attitude…to me 1’s dress sense shudnt be cautioned. Its a personal thing…I for one aint down wit skinny jeans…but i LOOOOOOOOVE Kanye!

  • Great article!!! however one need to understand that skinny jeans use to be the norm back in the hippie years. (60s’ and the 70s’). I still see pictures of my dad back in the 70s’ rocking tight pants, big afro, and big heeled shoes. With the advent of new media and the hip hop culture in the early 80s’ and 90s’, baggie pants became the norm. Our generation (I was born in the late 70s’) was barraged with images of what masculinity should be. i.e baggie pants, six pack abs, and the likes.. Now the younger generation are being indoctrinated with images of masculinity being potrayed in a different way. Kids nowadays emulate stars like lil wayne, Kanye west, jay Z.. I see kids now wearing tight pants nowadays. I do understand the reason behind your article, but an 18 year old wont understand the reasoning behind it.

  • First of all, that’s a bad choice of pic for the argument being brought forward… Kanye’s jeans are skinny but not tight…I can’t see his thighs, his nuts, none of that. He looks better than 99 per cent of men in those baggy jeans that look like skirts (which can also be considered grossly feminine)…

    That being said skinny jeans are not the issue of controversy for men… It’s tight jeans… I’ve seen lanky men look stupid in tight jeans because their nuts and everything else were up for display… And on the other hand, some men have worn baggy jeans but they’ve ended up tight because they’re just huge men. lol So pls let’s get things into perspective here… SKINNY JEANS ARE NOT THE ISSUE, TIGHT JEANS ARE…

    In concert, this article is saying anything at all…

  • JAY-Z said it all ”I DON’T WEAR SKINNY JEANS COS MY NUTS DON’T FIT” wonder if those hu wear skinny jeans feel ny comfortable in those even with a denim i believe we still kinda adjust our …… u all knw wat i mean

  • I can see people are getting emotional about the whole skinny jeans issue, however, its just fashion, so what because gay men wear colours a heterosexual man should walk around in nothing but black??? People should also be allowed to express themselves in their outfits without being at risk of bein called gay.

    When Hiphop culture came through with the saggy jeans and all that malarkey, it wasnt really seen as anything out of the ordinary because “straight men” wore it. cmon man see the big picture for what is really is: fashion.

    And i’m not gay or nothing but the gay culture is always being scrutinized but we always need to remember that sin is sin. Gay and lust fall under the same caterory, so remember to keep things in perspective when you decide to write your next article (assuming u r religious). x

  • well i guess people haven’t seen much of Korean guys…skinny jeans is what they wear most times…its been their favourite type of jeans for many years and its still their favourite type of jeans…and i also love skinny jeans..they look fab…

  • Wow, its funny to see the earlier comment and see that people actually “like” this article. I’m not one to talk bad about a writer but please i have to drop that for this one.
    Firstly what’s the line between homosexuality and heterosexuality in fashion? Is it one you or the men in your family created? If you want to talk about a fashion style, please don’t speak your ignorance by talking about it being gay or anything stupid of that sort.

    Secondly, (since you are a “writer” and i guess you do research) put two men next to each other, one with a tailored look or skinny pants like lame ppl as yourself would call it, and another with a regular fit look and see which looks better.
    Wearing skinny jeans is not just a trend, its a better, clean, sharp look and it fits perfectly. So please don’t judge if you can’t put it on…..i believe something out there would look good on you too. There’s something for everyone hun….:)

    • ok … its not my habit to reply to comments on my articles but for this particular one i will break my own rules…..
      1. you say its not your habit to talk bad about a writer, but on your comment i can see that you have not only talked bad about me but the men in my family that was kinda pushing it dont you think.

      2. Ok you asked what is the line between homosexuality and heterosexuality in fashion? I will break that down for you nice and simple the first difference is in the name homo and hetero. Homosexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior among members of the same sex. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality refers to “an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, or romantic attractions primarily to” people of the same sex; “it also refers to an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them. Heterosexuality consists of sexual behavior, practices, and identity predicated on preference or desire for the opposite sex. As a sexual orientation, heterosexuality refers to “an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, physical or romantic attractions primarily to persons of the opposite sex”; it also refers to “an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them”.

      now in those definitions do you notice the sentences that refers to the persons sense of personal and social identity, forgive me if i am wrong but isnt social identity simply the way one presents his or herself in the society. hence my theory on the difference in gay and straight fashion. is it only me or when you see a straight person and a gay person you can easily tell just by looking at the way he or she dresses it may be in all cases but trust me you can tell, mind you fashion dosent have to do with clothes alone.. so dont seclude your self.

      3. now the most interesting part of your argument about the tailored look and regular look …. that how I know U don’t know what you are on about tailored look is not a skinny look the tailored look is the closest thing to bespoke items (made to measure) and since not every one can afford to purchase bespoke items some smart ass designer came up with the tailored items and others followed. now the skinny pants like u like to call it is a straight, tight ,nut hugging and but hugging style the pic of kanye that i put up there is actually him wearing slim fit jeans and not skinny so don’t get ahead of your self… I wear tailored items and they fit nicely but not skinny …..

      and let me also point out to you that skinny is a style on its own and so is the slim-fit and tailored do your research properly . now the question you should have asked me is how do u relate the skinny style to the gay culture ( I will be glad to answer that as everyone is entitled to their own opinion) … .

      thank you….

      • @Bode Aboderin,

        All that essay still don’t make sense homie!

      • @Bode Aboderin,
        If I’m right you mentioned something like “is it only me or when you see a straight person and a gay person you can easily tell just by looking at the way he or she dresses it may be in all cases but trust me you can tell,”-well, that is telling me that you have what is called “GAYDAR” a portmanteau of gay and radar and refers to the reportedly intuitive
        ability to assess someone’s sexual orientation as gay, bisexual etc. And mind you only gay people have this. I’m not saying you are gay, but i think you should check. And by the way what is wrong with one being gay? Research has proven beyond reasonable doubt that sexual orientation is unlike buying phone lines (where you can choose between MTN for XtraCool or Glo for FreeNightCalls), no! It is something out of choices or options. It is so natural just like being born a boy or a girl. And I don’t really care about judgments, but don’t get me wrong. I ain’t gay but this is the truth.
        Peace Out.

  • skinny jeans look good on men..yes they do

  • You see the problem our generation is having now..We just want to follow people because of what they are doing..Now guys wearing skinny jeans is just off the track with annoyance..why would you as a guy wear skinny jeans? I cannot wear skinny jeans with my brother in the house..He is a man not woman yo!Hell NO!

    • @Modee,
      You see, that’s exactly what I’m talking bout, niggas won’t mind their own poops. Aghrrrr, what a pity! I have alot going on in my life than looking @ what others do that i like or not. Go have a life!!

  • the funny part is that………….its just that…….its fuckin stupid and crazy. some say for the attention…but what kind r u tryin to get???? Negative…???

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  • Very well written

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  • Seems to me the ones that worry about another mans jeans are the females I mean WTF just because someones a celeb don’t mean they can only get away with it!last time I checked we are ALL humans.but me I like baggy and skinny I jus switched over to skinny at the moment cus it just looks cool to me,and just because someone wears skinny don’t mean their gay their jus fuckin pants cmon idiots wake up and smell the coffee.and that’s all I gotta say at the moment.

  • skinis rock….and if u dnt like em.tough!we gna wear em anyway

  • I think this hole thing about guys wearing tight jeans is awful. Why? because who started wearing those jeans? A gay dude… and now other guys are wearing it? NOT COOL. and its the same thiong with people wearing bracelets.Some people say they wear it because it looks cute on them. But i don’t think they now what meaning each color they wear in tehir bracelet. So my question is Why do people try to wear stuff that they don’t know the meaning of it?????

  • I know one reason why guys wear tight skinny jeans…a lot of girls think it’s hot.

    I’m a guy and I wear skinny jeans…the tight ones. I wear them to flaunt my body and also cuz it’s stylish. I don’t mean to brag. And no, I’m not gay either.

  • where can i get those jeans

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  • Babaganoosh here and this was such a treat, boost out another one asap

  • Men have been wearing skinny jeans since the 60s. Why does everyone always forget that. Skinny jeans aren’t a trend, they’ve been a staple of rock, punk, and a rebellious attitude for about 50 years now. Seriously get used to it idiots. Maybe some of you are just a little too insecure about your sexuality if you think a pair of pants if going to make you feel like a woman. The only reason people hate on skinny jeans is they only look good on about 15% of men. All the haters are just upset they can’t fit their fat asses into a pair.

    p.s. skinny jeans get you laid.

  • Men have been wearing skinny jeans since the 60s. Why does everyone always forget that. Skinny jeans aren’t a trend, they’ve been a staple of rock, punk, and a rebellious attitude for about 50 years now. Seriously get used to it idiots. Maybe some of you are just a little too insecure about your sexuality if you think a pair of pants if going to make you feel like a woman. The only reason people hate on skinny jeans is they only look good on like 20% of men. All the haters are just upset they can’t fit their fat asses into a pair and look good.

    p.s. skinny jeans get you laid.

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