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Introducing Fashion Student, Abdul Fofanah

I live in the United States attending school in Baltimore, MD for fashion merchandising. Style has been a part of my life before I can remember, regardless of what I was always trying to wear I tried to do it differently from all those around me. I finally fell well in my element now with how I dress. Days I feel to dress up I can throw on a blazer and piece it together very well whether it’s causally or sharp. Then there are days I dress down in something more relaxing which is a very urban look, being that I have lived in cities for numerous years. I love my style and who I am which is very important to those searching to be who they really are. Stay true to yourself regardless of surrounding opinions, then and only then will you flourish like no other.

Check out his fashion blog, here.

Look 1:

H&M Blazer, Jeans

Look 2:

Second Hand Blazer, ZARA Jeans, Vintage Bruno Male Shoes

Look 3:

Second Hand Shirt, ZARA Trousers, Thrifted Suspenders

Look 4:

Vintage Sweatshirt, DIY Levi Shorts, Anchor Shoes

Look 5:

DIY Thrifted Vest, Converse Shoes

Look 6:

DIY Shorts, Second Hand Shirt, Thrifted Suspenders, Hawkings McGill Shoes

Look 7:

DIY Thrifted Vest, Aldo Dog Tags, Dr. Martins Boots

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Stylishly Yours, Abdul Fofanah

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