Final Whistle

Directed By

Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi



Saint Obi- Richard

Rita Nwankwo- Fina

Bukky Ajayi- Mrs Morgan

Georgina Onuoha-  Nancy

Padita Agu- Grace

Funke Akindele-  Angela

Synopsis: Initially, Richard (Saint Obi) despised his mother’s personal maid, Fina (Rita Nwankwo). Through their common interest in music, they fall in love. Richard’s mother, Mrs Morgan (Bukky Ajayi) cannot accept her son’s decision to marry the maid. Fina and Richard’s love goes through a challenging phase that could either separate them forever or keep them together.

Review: The movie starts out slowly as one does not know what to expect. The first scene shows Richard clearly revealing his disgust for the maid, Fina. After watching a few scenes, I could easily predict they would eventually fall in love. Aside from the conflict of interest regarding both parties: Richard & Fina and Mrs Morgan on the couple’s relationship, there were funny scenes. In a scene where Fina returns from the studio with Richard and she wears a body fitting purple satin jumpsuit, Mrs Morgan’s facial expression was hilarious. It took her some minutes to recover from the shock regarding the outfit her maid wore back to the house.

Saint Obi has been in the movie industry for as long as I can remember. I cannot even begin to analyze his acting skills because he is a great actor. Over the years, he has established himself in Nollywood and abroad that one can only expect and receive the best in his movies. He has also directed movies such as Take Me Maama where he deliberately used his car for a car bomb scene. In this movie, Final Whistle, he plays Richard the son of a wealthy woman who returns from the United States of America and is in search of a female singer to partner with for a duet. After a rigorous search, he discovers that what he’s been looking for is right in his home. Rita Nwankwo wasn’t a familiar face the first time I watched this movie about six years ago but I quickly noticed her remarkable singing voice. Her acting was okay and I noticed her acting skills improved in movies like Old Soldier and Love & Politics.

This isn’t one of those Nigerian movies where music plays in the background and the actors lip sync. Well obviously they had to lip sync in a couple of scenes but Fina’s vocals were good. The movie was released approximately six years ago when I was still in high school and I am almost done my undergraduate degree. At that time, the movie was different with a unique storyline. It is still different with a unique storyline in Nollywood. I recommend Final Whistle because it still possesses that “It factor” after six years and it can be compared to the classical Cinderella story with an unexpected twist. The actors and actresses portrayed their characters accordingly. This movie is available at

Score: 7.5/10

Final Whistle

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  • This was one of the best film ever made in nollywood. I enjoyed the film when it was released back then. Fortunately there are no too many good nigerian films now.

    • Yes, I totally agree… That’s why I was excited when I found it online because I needed to watch it again after a while and I couldn’t find it anywhere…

  • I remember that movie soo well, one of my favorites then.. Good storyline and me love the sound track soo bad.. lol
    good throw back movie.. more of such please.. lol

  • who knows the title of the song that was sang in the movie??

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