Queens Pride

Directed By

Ken Steve Anoka



John Dumelo: Sagama

Yvonne Nelson: Princess Alia of Anaba

Kalsum Sinari: Queen of Anaba

Juliet Ibrahim: Floxy

Emma Emoabina: Prince of Zonga land

The queen of Anaba(Kalsum Sinari) is a no-nonsense, sophisticated and elegant lady. She wants her only child and daughter, Princess Alia (Yvonne Nelson) to marry the Prince of Zonga land (Emma Emoabina) who was engaged to Princess Alia’s bestfriend, Floxy(Juliet Ibrahim) . The prince fell in love with Princess Alia when Floxy introduced both of them, creating a bridge between the friends. Princess Alia is in love with her childhood friend and the chief palace guard, Sagama(John Dumelo). The queen will do everything to make sure Alia weds the prince, Floxy will do everything to make sure the prince falls in love with her again and Princess Alia will do everything to make sure she marries her love.

The major problem I have with Ghanaian movies and this one is no exception, is their constant use of Shakespearean lyrics. Sometimes I wonder if they speak in that manner in reality.  Without seeing the preview of this movie, it wasn’t hard to predict the possibility of sex scenes between John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson. They are no stranger to sex scenes with movies like Heart of Men and Material Girl. I would say Yvonne is a very diverse actress and I commend her for it. John Dumelo’s acting was incredible as well and I say this because, in most of his movies, he is either a prince or a wealthy man. I wondered how he was going to pull off acting as a guard. He never ceases to amaze me. He was macho with the way he walked, spoke and even smiled.

There was a fair amount of foreshadowing contents in this movie. In a scene where Sagama laid down in a hospital bed and Princess Alia sat close to him with the queen on her right side and Sagama’s mother sitting across from her. Princess Alia said to Sagama, “There’s something about you that draws you closer to my heart every time, you are so special.” The stern expression from both women was humorous. I couldn’t help but notice the ridiculous hairstyle worn by the palace maids. Both sides of their hair were braided in cornrows and the middle was left loose; it was awful. Princess Alia had the same hairstyle throughout the movie, which wasn’t befitting for a princess.  I recommend this movie for John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson’s fans. It is available at www.video.onlinenigeria.com

Score: 7/10

Queens Pride

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  • I don’t know about Ghanaian Movies, but i’ll try see it sha…

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