Oleku Remix.

DJ Babus (@DJBabus) is a Baltimore based DJ/Producer. He began his career as a radio show host and station director of his college radio station. He currently runs a small recording studio called The Core Studio where he works with a variety of artists including female MC and other half of the Producer-Artist duo ‘The Internationals”, AT (@thisisAT). Oleku remix is off his upcoming mixtape Fat Boi Radio.

DJ Babus Feat. AT, Ice Prince & Vector – Oleku Remix

Category: Music


  • this is hands down d best oleku remix! dare i say AT went harder than ice prince? people go dey vex now cause nah ice prince but na true wey i dey talk

  • when is fat boi radio droppin????? i need dis song. home gurl is easily better than sasha, kel, mocheddah, etc when it comes to rapping. cant wait for her mixtape to drop. it will be game over

  • This is really awesome :) Good job DJ Babus ;)

  • “The fact remains I’m the best, and you’re just good enough/Did I really kill the beat only the jury knows/And I will stop when you show me what i can’t do.”

    Very nice.

  • I want to understand how this Yung6ix is better than At’s Oleku remix. Other than the song being a complete track, it does nufing for me! AT is way better n deserves more publicity than dat dude. Anywayz, big uppzz AT! Brrrraaaappp!!!

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