I really love this song ! This is probably an unorthodox way to start a post, but I really do. Gillian’s singles have always impressed me, there’s something about his style  that leaves you singing along to all his songs. Fools Gold is the first musical rendition from Gillian in a while and it is evident that he has used his break to grow as an artiste, learning the more tactical aspects of music and putting it to work. Fools Gold is a pop soul song that tells a story about the disappointments of blind love,this is a song about realising that finding love is not always as simple as we hoped it would be, and that sometimes we are tricked into falling into something with someone we think at the time to be Love, but later realising that it was nothing but a Fool’s Gold.  The lyrics are beautiful and yet so simple.. Sometimes less is really more.

Love Is A Fool’s Gold….

Before I get too emotional, listen to Fool’s Gold and be the judge of how you feel.

Written By: Gillian Baci
Produced By: Yung Willis, Gillian Baci
Mixed By: Gillian Baci
Mastered By: F.O.C.Us

Enjoy x