Afro-beats, Reggae and Dancehall artiste, Jarhead of Abovav/Envii Muzik a.k.a Jesse Tabansi drops two songs that can be deemed the perfect sound tracks to the current state of the Nigerian economy.

We recently have been through a lot as a nation and people but nevertheless, we are still relentless and strongly believe that our country is on its way to being one of the greatest. “Still Nigerian” is a song about having pride in being Nigerian under whatever stereotype, circumstance or ridicule. Additionally, “Burning Up Babylon” speaks about blessings in metaphorical disguise of arms ready for war on ‘Babylon’, a strong and powerful system corrupted with immorality, wherever the case may be. Jarhead has worked with the likes of T.Y Mix, Dr. Frabs, Shizzi and Ekelly in the past and is confident that this is only just the beginning.

These songs were produced by J.CHEF of Abovav/Envii Muzik at the legendary Dede Mabiaku’s studio.

Have a listen & enjoy.


Still Nigerian (Prod. JChef) by Jarhead Tunes
Burning Up Babylon (Prod. JChef) by Jarhead Tunes

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