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Money Maker

Krayola, whose real name is Ola Akintan, was born and raised in Ogba, Lagos, and moved to Canada after secondary school. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Liberal Arts, focusing mainly on religious studies.  His biggest musical influences are Fela, Notorious BIG, Redman, Andre3000 of OutKast., and Jay-Z. Rapping in pidgin, he tries to make music that he hopes can easily be understood by majority of the Nigerian population. Avoiding over-elaborate lyricism, which he feels does not make for effective communication with his target audience, he has a simple and direct style, definitely knows how to ride a beat, and is a great storyteller. Having not returned home in about ten years, he is planning a trip back this Christmas, and is looking forward to being a part of the Naija music scene.

Here are his first 2 singles “E Gba Mi O” and “Shake That (Money Maker)“ both produced by, and featuring Canadian producer and singer/songwriter Jay Evans.  Krayola is currently working on a mix-tape titled “Down-lowd” which is scheduled for release early 2011. He is also working on another  mix-tape for release in the Canadian market later next year. Expect more from this upcoming artist who promises to bring something different and exciting to the Naija rap game.

Krayola – E gba Mi, Money Maker

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