I first heard these songs at their inception, and even at that point I was impressed. Impressed by the versatility AYLØ had managed to display on both tracks. “You wont Find Nemo”  on the Neo soul spectrum and Fusion on the Afro Jazz spectrum. Both two very different songs, with both very different vibes. The songs have a swing that would have you moving your head from left to right in no time (or snapping your fingers if thats what you’re into). The talent is evident and the creativity ever present.  On “Fusion” we hear AYLØ challenge modern day artistesFUSION

Fusion is like the product of my frustration plus my love for contemporary african music.. Birthed by the idea that we could do more than follow.. We could lead

He wants the music industry to do better and he isn’t afraid to say it. He also shows his production hands on this song.

You won’t find Nemo in contrast is a love song which had been flipped countless times. As he grew as an artiste, so did the song.

Nemo was a reflection on my undeserved yet appreciated relationship

Produced by Mav, “You won’t find Nemo” is a beautiful ode to the surprises that come with love.NEMO +FUSION

When asked about what to expect from him next, he tells :

Expect waves.. Nothing I make is the same… People term it lack of grounding.. I call it experimentation

Give both a listen, enjoy some Pure Vibes and Let us know what you think X.