10953731_423472844493584_1683783065_nJarell is a singer/songwriter and an Audio producer (with a Masters degree to prove it) currently based in Abuja Nigeria. In just last year alone, has has been invited to play over a hundred gigs in England, most of which has been the top venues in the city of London.

With is soulful voice, deep lyrics and unique guitar playing style he captures the attention of his listeners in such a deep profound way.

As a big fan of general music, Jarell grabs his inspiration from so many artists some of which includes, Majek Fashek, Asa, Lucky Dube, John Mayer, Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, Jason Mraz, Eric Clapton, Jimmi Hendrix, Bryan Adams, Stevie Wonder… and the list goes on.

As a songwriter, Jarell writes his music as a way of therapy when dealing with the real life situations which most people can relate to. His self produced EP “Night’s With Farida” is a good example as each song is inspired by real life events.

Now I don’t usually go on and on about an artiste, but Jarell is the real deal. I’ve gotten a chance to watch him perform live a couple of times and the energy he brings to every gig is always electrifying, I mean once he starts to sing, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty that is his voice!

Anyways, do the listening and let us know what you think !