Alone Nonso Amadi

So I first heard the “Alone” EP by Nonso sometime last year and the first thought that came to head was “This boy can sing,” well I had always known he could sing, but this time I was really impressed. Each song on the project was different from the last. I was intrigued, so I listened and I listened well.

The first song on the project  “Alone” was named after the EP itself. A brilliant opening to what transcends into a brilliant project.

Nonso himself tells me:

“My first solo musical project was titled “Alone” for obvious reasons, I felt very alone at the time. This isn’t an unusual feeling to people, and thus I had to make sure that the EP truly expressed and mirrored those feelings”


I certainly wasn’t feeling alone when I listened to this project. I mean I literally could not wait to share it with everyone I knew.

Production wise the strongest song for me had to be Long Way Home , it was edgy, it was experimental and it was extremely interesting. Long Way Home was co-produced by SkweiRd so I was not expecting anything less. Musically however, it would take a certain type of music fan to fully appreciate this song, when I first listened to it, I blanked out the vocals and listened only to the production. This wasn’t because the song was vocally unpleasing. No, far from it! I blanked out because the most exciting part of the song was the music beneath the lyrics. 

The crowd favourite was Suicidal for obvious reasons, it was a feel good, love song and everybody loves a good love song. Even the tough guys, admit it, you love a good love song! I thoroughly enjoyed Suicidal and made sure my friends loved it as well. 

On Angels, Aika Jones delivers a soothing spoken word piece that delves into the depths of love. I have to admit this was not my favourite piece, nonetheless over time it has grown on me. Perhaps its the placement of this song in the project that did not sit well with me, I am not particularly sure yet.. (reviewing is much harder than it seems).

Last but not the least we have Gele which I would have loved if Nonso had not rapped on it. Don’t get me wrong, I had no real problem with him rapping, I just felt like someone else could have done a much better job on it. I mean we all have our strong suits and Nonso’s is as a singer and producer. The production on the song is A1, and the song in general is an “ode” to african pride.

Yes ! We will rock our Gele’s with pride.

Anyways, listen to this beautiful project and share your thoughts!

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