Odunsi – Jowo Featuring Santi (Prod Ghost 88)

When I first heard “Jowo” I wasn’t particularly feeling it. I mean, I loved it, I bumped my head to it, I even did a little dab to it but I still hadn’t gotten over Odunsi’s previous single called “Adura”. This post is an apology for not realising then how beautiful “Jowo” is.  The song has this contagious effect that would have you singing the chorus without even realising it. No, seriously.. You will be singing the hook over and over again and will have it on replay before you know it, this has certainly been the case for me. On the second verse there is a delivery from Santi (also known as Ozzy B), it is completely mellow and almost changes the mood of the song producing a satisfying effect that will have you smiling (while awkwardly dabbing) from start to finish.

“Jowo” is an Afrofusion offering that definitely should be on your playlist.

Odunsi himself says the song was influenced by the Timbaland and Aaliyah Era and of course he stays true to his roots by infusing classic Yoruba melodies and lyrics.

Enough Said, Listen UP !