The first thing I could feel while listening to this project was the Soul, the relentless soul that was put in. You could tell that Princess Okoh meant every word, and this is what makes this project such an interesting one for me. Dear Cupid is a joint “mini EP” with Moyo Fuga and credit must be given to him as well as he held it down in all 3 songs, singing , rapping and most especially producing, showing his diversity as an artiste.

 According to the two, it was a completely coincidental body of work, they had just planned to record a song and ended up with three songs. Each song is conversational, with the girl taking the role of the innocent lover and the guy taking the role of an almost scorned lover. The title “Dear Cupid” was coined from the idea that these conversations were being passed to Cupid, the god of love.

 The song that stands out for me the most on this project is “Today”, and although it starts with a corny phone conversation , it progresses and one could say it transcends into something incredibly beautiful. It was not the lyricism or production that impressed me the most, it was the way the song was expressed , I felt it, I could relate to it. So for me it is one of those songs which personifies what music should feel like.

 On the other hand, no body of work is without its faults, the production on the project becomes a bit boring and almost repetitive but what saves it is its length. As it is a fairly short project one might not even notice. All in all, it was a good effort by the two and I would recommend it to anyone in love, having a blue day, or anyone really.