In August, Davido announced his upcoming EP ‘Son of Mercy‘ and now the wait is finally over. Available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, The Extended Play has 5 tracks, 4 new ones including previously released “Gbagbe Oshi”.

“Gbage Oshi”

I listened to this song twice not because I didn’t get it the first time but because it was so mellifluous, my ears needed a replay. The only thing better than the chorus is the hook. The Yoruba lyrics ride over the beat like a black Range Rover over an empty Lagos expressway on a Sunday night. This up-tempo song will get you moving un-reluctantly. A great start to the EP and a definite club banger.

“Maga 2 Mugu”

Davido features Simi on this sweet love-trick track and her voice is an appropriate addition to Davido’s tone and rhythm. The live instrumental make the song authentic, soft and traditional sounding. Not as upbeat as the first song, it will still get you dancing. I predict this being a winner at weddings. None of the artists overpowered each other. This is as much Davido’s song as it is Simi’s song sound wise, an equal and successful collaboration.

“Coolest Kid in Africa”

If you enjoyed Davido’s earlier track with Meek Mill, “Fans Mi” you will love the “Coolest Kid in Africa“. Davido makes the trap beat his own, again relying on Yoruba lyrics to produce a catchy Afro Trap chorus. He features Nasty_C who adopts the ‘Migos/ Young Thug’ flow with his to create a rap verse that definitely belonged to this beat. Listening to this track till the end comes with a switch in the instrumental for a few seconds, eargasm worthy for beat lovers like me.


Another love song, we have Davido flying solo to a more traditional beat. Nigerian natives should relate to this track as the throwback inspired instrumentals produce a nostalgic feeling.

“How Long”

On my first listen this was my least favorite track on the album but it definitely grows on you. This Fusion Island Afro Beat hybrid is a suitable track for a lounge session, it contains the right amount of chill and up tempo. As previously proven, Davido is a pro at international collaborations. Though this is my least favorite of the two female features, it’s worth a listen. The official music video was also released recently.

Overall, the songs on the EP do not seem to tell any particular story. An upbeat track is followed by one with less tempo, with the final track being a combination of both. Would I recommend this EP? Yes.

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