Just incase you’ve not giving this young lad a fighting chance, here is a reason you should. Gimme Kiss sensation and One Nation Records act, Ayo Jay has definitely placed the sky as his starting point giving the fact that the fast rising singer, has been recognized by RollingStone as one of the top 10 artiste you need to know. The song “Your Number” which was dropped a couple of years back brought Ayo to lime light. Not stopping there, Ayo Jay went ahead to feature American rapper Fetty Wap on the remix and ever since, he has released a couple of cool tunes from Ibadi Yen, Think About Me, Gimme Kiss and several others. Hear from Ayo Jay himself; “That song was actually recorded in the projects in Brooklyn, East New York, in [producer] Melvitto’s room. I used to go there because my cousin lived in the same building. One day he played me these beats, because he just came back from Nigeria and he had a bunch of beats that were free, that no one was using. I did a freestyle, and the first thing I sang was “Can I get your number?” And we built around that. I think the process took two days, we recorded the whole thing. And that was it, put it out.”

Check out the the full list here.

A big congratulations to Ayo  Jay!