It was a Monday evening when I met up with Tay, he had come over to mine and as usual we commenced the evening with music. We listened to sounds from Fela down to Nina Simone and then of course decided to make our own music. However, that isn’t what this article is about; I decided to talk to Tay about the success of his previous mixtape “Passport” and and the upcoming release of his new one “Renascentia which we had a mini listening session for. 

So keep reading :

Me : So you first came into the light with your tape “Passport”, can you tell us what it was about, how was the experience for you ?

Tay : Passport was pretty straight forward, well the name was; it was my identity at the time. I was producing a lot of music and wanted to produce a compilation that would represent me musically and also represent the stage I was in at the time.

Me : Everyone is calling you the musical “wonder kid” because of how young you are. How do you handle that and how do you feel about the whole consciousness on age ?

Tay : Age is really something I don’t think about often, I think it’s a distraction and also a bit irrelevant. We’re all just trying to do better, but it’s nice sometimes when people get shocked everytime they see me.  “Oh you were born in  ’97, you’re just 18”.  Lol its fun.

Me : We’ve been seeing snippets on your twitter and Instagram of some song and we’re all excited, tell us about the new Tay music.

Tay : I’m pretty excited about the new music, I’ve been working on a new mixtape and it’s almost done I believe, and also I have a name for it. It’s going to be called “Renascentia which means Re-Birth, and just like Passport the name is the definition.  I feel like its been a long time since I released a compilation, I mean it has been over a year, so this is like a new Tay.

Me : So what is the renewed Tay about ?

Tay : The new Tay is about trying to make high quality music, new sounds, new journeys, new elements, new influences, you can tell I have been listening to new sounds but it’s still routed in the original “Tay Experience” 

Me : You’re part of a collective called BANTU, alongside your brother Sutè, can you tell us if we can expect anything from BANTU soon? What are you guys up to?

untitled shoot-017-Edit

Tay :  We’re working that’s all I can say. I’m currently in school and so is Sutè so we don’t have a lot of time as we would like, but we are always thinking of new ideas. So something ought to happen soon.

Me : You just moved cities to London, how has that experience been so far and what do you expect to achieve from it?

Tay : So far it’s been good, I’m enjoying it. I expect to go on more journeys, to experience new things, to learn and observe more. It’s a new society so I’m learning new aspects of life that I never knew existed.

Me : Thanks for talking to us about your mixtape, we absolutely cannot wait to listen and maybe premiere it on Gidilounge 😉

Tay : Thank you for having me, Oh its going to have 8 tracks by the way !

That was a bit of how my day with Tay went, I’m extremely excited about this new project. Each song I’ve listened to has blown me away and I know it would definitely blow you away.