I was born and raised in south Nigeria (west-side Africa). I grew up in one of the most popular city in the Niger delta called WARRI. The Music in me started developing when i first had hands on the yamaha PSR-70 which my Dad had used in his old music band. i played the Keyboard for a local church in my neighborhood called CHRIST MISSIONARY CRUSADERS CHURCH where my oldest brother was a choir master. As time goes by. i started having interest in playing drums, flute, the snare and kick drum for my Primary school called STANDARD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL WARRI. i made progress and got into writing my own songs @ the age of 13 (nursery rhymes). i started listening to different genres and collections of different artiste like. FELA, OLIVER THE COQUE, FELIX LIBERTY, DON WILLIAMS, TEMPTATIONS, BARRY WHITE, KRS ONE, SCARFACE, HEAVY D, NOTORIOUS B.I.G, NAS, WESTLIFE, ENYA, E.t.c… i started doing collaborations with different local Nigerian artiste as soon as i got comfortable enough with my Rap and singing skills.. i did alot of performances locally while i was in Nigeria, But for now i’m in the united states studying as a music recording technology major here in the BAY AREA OF CALIFORNIA”

White Girl Body, Black Girl Booty – Big Klef

White Girl Body, Black Girl Booty – Big Klef

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