Shouts out to Ice Prince releasing one of the best songs of ’10,  now Yung6ix a relatively new kid on the block drops this remix. Personally, I think highly of dude and he puts on for all the Waffi people as a whole.

Impressive remix. Expect to hear a  proper song from this kid in the nearest future.Share your thoughts.

Yung6ix – Oleku Waffi Remix

Category: Music


  • the boy is a killer with the punch lines

  • amazing !

  • and you think you havent seen the best oleku remix yet? u gat to be joking… follow ma homeboi on twitter @yung6ix…

  • stay in school you turd, this “remix” isn’t exceptional nor is it refreshing, he just took punchlines from other people….

  • dont hade daddu the kid killed it.please give me a precise line that he stole from somone and where.dont hate another mans success thank you

  • hw old is dis boi….
    sick remix sha

  • I want to understand how this is better than At’s Oleku remix. Other than the song being a complete track, it does nufing for me! AT is way better n deserves more publicity than dis dude.

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