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You’d think never think Zilla was a relatively new entrant to the Nigerian music scene based of his latest offering “NEG:RO”. The heavily Eastern influenced tape is well curated from the first to the last track. Executively produced by talented artistes and producers, Tay and Sute Iwar, “NEG:RO” does not disappoint and should resonate with a diverse audience. Zilla comes through with fabulous wordplay and delivery and I expect greater things to come from this young spitta. Personal tape favorites are Elders, PDBTTM and All Day(remix). Lounge to this.

Read on to get our track-by-track review on this mixtape:

“Nnamdi Azikiwe”: Negro’s first track is a tribute to an eastern Nigeria great, Sir Nnamdi Azikiwe. Nnamdi Azikiwe is balanced combination of  Afro Beat & Trap genre. But, while it is a good start to the tape, you can’t help but feel the instrumental is generic.

“Story Story”: NEG:RO picks up in Story Story, which sees Zilla flow like Naeto C and gives us a taste of El Deino’s unique flow. Something off in the mixing, could that be intentional?

“Day Ones”: What do you get when you pair a smooth production and silky background vocals together? A track like Day Ones. Day Ones is an ode to Zilla’s friends who’ve been with him through the hard times, and his flow worked well with the beat perfectly infusing pidgin English into the lyrics.

“Elders (Interlude)”: Very authentic.


Enyimba? Oh you, Oh you mean Enyimba.


Elders starts off with a dope intro informing users of the forthcoming lyricism. Production overpowers the vocals and that together with undertone, aggressive rapping fits. Everything about the track’s outro is sick.

“Ghost”: Ghost was the perfect combination of auto tune and production. Features on the track are prefect and the end product is a very good example of Nigerian Trap.

“Bloody Coup/Kolanut Flow”:Zilla shows his ability to make Igbo lyrics work well with the beat. Nice background sounds and Ojukwu’s speech works perfectly with song concept.Zilla’s fascination with switching the beat continues on this track.

“Y.I.B”: Everything about Y.I.B is fast paced  from the production by Young Beatz & Suté to Zilla’s rap. Chorus is too alike other tracks but still works. Another good example of Nigerian trap.

“Popular Demand”: Popular demand is lyrically exceptional, Zilla and GJ The Caesar trade bars with ease. Enjoyed his singing on the chorus. Beat speed switch is ill.

“All Day (Remix)”: A remix of Rap Supreme’s All Day wouldn’t be complete without raw lyrics which I thoroughly enjoyed. A great and welcome surprise is how Zilla manages to send a social message on this track.

“H-Town”: H-Town is your generic trap, and Zilla & his production team creatively and appropriately  incorporate film scene samples to the song. Loved the end with the song cut-off and the dial tone.

“Party Girls (Remix)”: Party Girls is a curveball and nice change from previous tracks. David Onuoha has wicked Weeknd vibes and Zilla’s rap is a perfect combined with this. Party Girls only works from one earphone, intentional?

“Jah Know”: Jah Know is definitely a club banger with sick Afro Beat production.

“PDBTTM”: PDBTTM is that cruise track and a fitting conclusion to Zilla’s project. Zilla hops on the beat and drops Powerful lyrics. Tay drops a beast production on this track.


Download Zilla’s NEG:RO on ZippyShare and Apple Music.

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