Nigeria can rejoice, but in celebrating it must have an understanding of it is not celebrating anything else on the subject of independence let by myself 50 years of such. we are a nation of perpetual anomalies and aberrations, so then if it takes a week to have fun our failed guarantees, if it takes billions of naira to have fun an abnormal economic set-up, if the kidnapping of children is the essence of our nationhood then we can stick to the celebrations.

Would the president be in a occasion mood if his children were among the many 15 children with a purpose to live with the scar of their abduction for life even though they continue to exist the ordeal? Will the governors be in social gathering mood if their children had any stake in the rot of the instructional machine? The previous three years has witnessed enormous scales of failure within the WAEC and NECO exams and the speedy future shouldn’t be promising either as a result of strikes remain a typical face within the gadget.

Governor Fashola has done in reality well, but then say that to the merchants who had been sent out of Tejuosho market only to seek out out that their former business points had been not inside their reach. It has transform an reserve of the tremendous-rich. The market that offered many the chance to get good clothes with out emptying their pockets is sure to be some of the pricey when it reopens as a result of these shopping for it’s going to seem to recoup their funding.

tell residents of Lekki to have fun Nigeria’s independence when they’ve needed to struggle their own government over what must basically be a non-difficulty. These are a individuals pressured with all varieties of taxes from waste to signage, to the maze-like Lagos tax machine and are but expected to section with as a minimum N400.00 per vehicle per day for a round trip. That’s no way to lead. Fashola has executed truly smartly by way of Nigeria’s requirements however I needn’t let you know that these at the base of the Lagos financial pyramid – the market ladies who must pay exorbitant charges simply to do subsistence business, the motorists and industrial bike drivers who need to take care of several men of fanciful uniforms paying a couple of sums of money from one level to any other – will not buy that proposition. in fact the burden of such ‘taxes’ falls instantly on the lots.

If that’s exclusive to the standard man, the incubus of armed robbers and prior military men and their cronies day-to-day haunt Nigerians rich or poor. folks who must be languishing in prison are bold sufficient to assert ‘vote for me’, one in all them is so determined he says ‘for just one term’. I used to grasp armed men as other people who operated at night, but that’s the old means. They now function at each time. Kidnapping appeared to be a struggle for regional justice nevertheless it has turn into probably the most profitable type of industry besides legit sleaze. i will’t simply get the 15 kidnapped kids off my thoughts. CNN milked the story and that on my own should had been enough to make us bow our heads like a quickly to be 50 years outdated man who has just revealed his own outdated jobless elderly youngsters have kidnapped his young ones. I almost slumped as I watched the information relayed on CNN in our so called independence week. What a shame!

before October 1st 1960 Nigeria was once burdened by colonialism, nowadays we’re a nation in dependence. We rely on the government to provide us power, the government determines the prices of goods, they favour just a few wanna-be capitalists at the expense of the overall financial system. How do you explain a state of affairs the place a couple of are allowed to acquire tens of billions of naira of loans from the banks, then granted monopolies on common necessities like sugar and diesel then told they may pay part of their loans whereas the remainder chunks are written off. that’s not just however then who gets justice from a nation whose legislation makers acquired their via unjust way. Unjust men can handiest make unjust laws, unjust regulations are not any laws. they are going to result in relative peace however handiest a peace that has had justice sacrificed at its altar.

Ours is a earlier embroiled in lies, shame and corruption. we have failed and are nonetheless failing the African continent. the current crop of presidential aspirants even douses the little hope one has for the longer term. None has said the rest a few time sure, good doable vision. they have all been providing the identical rhetoric. we’re confused with rulers when even another African countries now have leaders.

Oyo state remains shackled by means of the close to absence of governance, Aba in Abia state that with the aid of now must be catering for a global demand for goods is a no go house even for its indigenes. Jos is a serial time bomb. each and every tick sends men, women and youngsters to their early graves. Even Ogun that seemed to be making a head method a couple of years in the past has change into a draconian, lawless state the place the rest negatively conceivable is that you can imagine.

a lot for 50 years of independence when Gabon – a rustic where Nigerians make up as regards to 10% of its inhabitants – is ranked above us on the FIFA ladder. We do not need any world champion at any game whatsoever. 150 million individuals plus the Diaspora and not a single world champion! If our nation had a physique, soul, heart and mind, she will probably be soaked in her own tears by now for failing to deliver on its guarantees.

there is no use crying over spilled milk – or spilled anything whatsoever- although we are able to start remaking our cherished united states of america. we want transformation at each facet of our national life. Commuters still burn precious man hours on our roads they usually stay in danger of tanker drivers and different highway menaces. from time to time it appears to be like as though we are not governed by rules. i really like being a Nigerian but like my Arsenal devotion, it hurts being a one

dreams are shattered on a daily basis. We bitch about cyber criminals. overlook the whole holier than thou perspective, an idle mind includes its physique on evil issues. Nigerian youths are stated to be unemployable and the Nigerian government seems bent on letting them stay like that. EFCC barked for a few years however it is now taking a leisure after realising you don’t treatment a illness whose cause you are not able to nip. We must not be combating criminals; we should be enticing our people. The economic system will have to be made free. the ease of doing trade must now not in our case be a burden. individuals are over taxed yet infrastructures are below-supplied. every thing appears to be in position but nothing really works. firms have folded and many are nonetheless folding. Nigerians are certainly suffering – i do know not if they are smiling but I saw no smiling face after I tried to peer how many people in a group of 50 would smile into an experience venue. that is no foundation you’ll say but then are boys smiling?

Over time i’ve come to realise that Nigerians may by no means be cured of their impulsion to all the time trust new rulers. We snatch at any straw that looks new enough. Any new face that seemingly looks like the start of a new order is seen as the big deal. i am hoping this renewed hope will be herald a real independence for our nation, financial liberty for our individuals and a safer u . s . for our youngsters.

Nigeria has no business being on this state. tons of of trillions of naira of oil money has been wasted over the past 50 years, we are able to do higher. We certain can do better than we’re doing now. it is simple to delight Nigerians. They really have lost the ability to expect much and this I imagine is enough to inspire any individual fascinated with resulting in want to surpass this no longer-so-excessive expectations. it’s ok to mark October 1st 2010 but trust me fellow compatriots, now we have nothing to have a good time. Nothing! Nothing besides a future that always promises to be higher. satisfied birthday Nigeria as I look ahead to celebrating your sixtieth birthday in style.

Oh God of advent, direct our noble cause
information our leaders proper
help our formative years the truth to understand
In love and honesty to develop
And dwelling just and realgreat lofty heights reachto build a nation where peace and justice
shall reign

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