The world around us  in itself is musical, and personally, I find it absolutely impressive to find an artist that draws from the sounds of the earth to create experimental music, placing the listener in another world not too far away from home, but far enough to have an “out-of-this-world” experience.

golddrummachine , a young promising producer & singer-song writer, gives us music in sonic context, truly giving listeners a soulful yet adventurous listening experience. His first project Africa in Technicolor”  takes us on what I would like to call “An audio tour of the beauty of  Africa”. Africa In Technicolor is a four track EP that will keep your earplugs in until it’s done.

Now he is back with another EP : “Ultra” in the genre he dubs “Chillwave”. I got the chance to ask this gifted indivdual a few questions on the creative process behind his new project.

Davina: I am so curious to know how you came up with the name golddrummachine. Tell me about that.

Golddrummachine: Taking the moniker “golddrummachine” was a very random decision. I was working with a friend’s MIDI controller and i thought to myself, “It’d be really neat to have a gold drum machine.”

Davina: I cannot deal with how random that thought is! (LOL).

So, from Africa in Technicolor to Ultra. Both amazing bodies of work, definitely not what we are typically used to. What are your criteria for a finished piece of work set to release to the public that truly represents you as an artiste? What is that thing or are those things that confirm(s) “This is it!”

Golddrummachine: I was talking about this with a friend some time back. Most times, I just know what I want out there. But it really depends. I guess it’s the feeling of euphoria I get while making a song. That really determines if I’d put it out or not.

Davina: This feeling must be a strong one! Do tell me about your creative process.

Golddrummachine: I usually don’t have anything in mind when I start creating. I really just let it flow. If it sounds weird, but like in a good, abstract way… It’s always exciting while creating. Like a blank canvas.

Davina: I like that! Also leaves room for flexibility I am sure! But what if you “jam road block” on the way? What is your trick in tackling creative block when you’re stuck?

Golddrummachine: I just stop. I never have to force it. When it flows it flows. If it doesn’t, I just take a break…away from music, and like, do something else. The inspiration always comes back in time.

Davina: Who would you mention as your top 3 musical inspirations. Give us 1 or 2 unique attributes that justify their place in your top 3?

Golddrummachine: Top 3 musical inspirations? That’s a tough one. I’d say the deepest source of inspiration I’ve had was while listening to Coldplay. Coldplay’s music has a certain vibe to it. Very distinct vibe. That’s what I go for.

So that’s… Coldplay, JMSN, Enigma…the ambience on their songs.

Davina: I see where you get it from then! What inspires your projects mostly?

Golddrummachine: I get inspired by a whole lot. It’s not always personal, sometimes it is. With the projects though, I just wanted to create good music. That’s the main inspiration I guess.

Davina: The project “Ultra” has a lot of sampling going on. Where do they come from and why those samples in particular?

Golddrummachine: I guess its all in the moment. For instance, I had this scenario in my head where the protagonist finds himself in a jungle, in search of answers he isn’t ready for, while people are after him. That was summer ’86…Its basically all in the moment.

Davina: You definitely paint wonderful scenarios with your music, however the listeners may picture it, as human beings have different interpretations. But, if you were to make a music video (money being no object at all) which song would you pick and what would be the dominant theme?

Golddrummachine: I’d pick miseducated. the dominant theme would be something abstract & intricate. something with that psychedelic vibe.

Davina Lastly, any plans for new projects? Collaborations? Singles? Short films? A New EP maybe?

Golddrummachine: currently I’m working with my good friend on a project, the list goes on…It’s going to be pretty neat year for golddrummachine’s discography lol.

Yaass! There we have it! Now that you have met the golddrummachine, take a moment to soak in the “chillwave” vibes of “Ultra” on Soundcloud. If you like his stuff, let him know by tweeting at him @golddrummachine.