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“DUBLIN 2 GIDI” Homecoming Party 4 “BADMAN FLOSS”

[audio:http://music.gidilounge.com/songs/Various/shesadime.mp3] [audio:http://music.gidilounge.com/songs/Various/oringo.mp3] [audio:http://music.gidilounge.com/songs/Various/oilmoney.mp3] “” DUBLIN 2 GIDI “”HOMECOMING celebration 4 “” BADMAN FLOSS “” the most expected birthday celebration of 09 Host: Badman Floss sort:…

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Badman Floss – Shes A Dime, Oringo, Oil Money

Shes a Dime [audio:http://music.gidilounge.com/songs/Various/shesadime.mp3] Oringo [audio:http://music.gidilounge.com/songs/Various/oringo.mp3] Oil cash [audio:http://music.gidilounge.com/songs/Various/oilmoney.mp3] BADMAN FLOSS aka Mr. Ego Mmanu Badman Floss aka Mr. Ego Mmanu (one outta the press…

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