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It was a spectacular 4 day Fashion-experience in Lagos, Nigeria last week between the 10th – 13th of March, 2011; this huge event hosted 51 designers from around the world of African descent. Hosted by Arise Magazine , it proved to be one the biggest Sartorial experience Nigeria has ever had, in terms of designers, models, guests at the event and publicity. So much fashion goodness, we thought to share a few pictures of our favorite designers from the event.

Our Day1 images feature:

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Deola Sagoe

South Africa has been the center of attention since 2010 kick started (with the World being held as well as Africa Fashion week), the fashion world has anticipated this moment since Africa Fashion Week, 2010 was officially announced. Event kicked off on the 30th of June and rounds up on the 3rd of July. So far So gobsmacking, so much talent Africa has and the Nigerian designers currently in SA showing off talent and we are totally loving it. A number of local and international African designers under one roof showcasing their work.

In the past two days, 3 major Nigerian designers have stunned and dazzled - Deola Sagoe, Bunmi Koko, Ituen Basi

Day 2: 1st July, 2010


On the ramps of Sandston Convention Centre, J’burg, Bunmi Olaye (Creative Director of Bunmi Koko) revealed her much anticipated ‘Matriarchy’ collection. We first spotted a few of the designs during the Graduate Fashion Week in Earls court, London. The culture-immersed collection inspired by the Efik tribe of the Calabar province in Nigeria , Bunmi Koko made use of staffs inspired by a men-only cult also of the Efik tribe. Culture being mentioned, Victorian Era style was infused/embraced in the Matriarchy collection.

Tie and dye prints ,structured tailoring, fringed leggings, tweed fabric, fur, the high neck and bodices on these designs are a reflection of the victorian era in BK’s designs.Also, the accentuated waists and cross over drapes are a disposition of the Royal Era.  Models adorned with feathered hair pieces, shoulder and bangle pompoms and even transformed the ‘local’ staffs into high fashion accessories attaching feathers and pompoms to them.

Black and White Rendevous!! A classic reinvention of the Female Tux perhaps a la EFIK tribe + Victorian Era? Bunmi Koko has infused in proportions and structure designs that are totally timeless and mind-blowing. She’s one to look out for!

Bunmi Olaye

Day 1: 30th June, 2010

Ituen Basi:

Another gemstone out of Nigeria, Ituen is known for vibrant colours and leaving an ankara mark on every thing even as little as bangles. Ituen wowed the guests at SCC when her models popped on the runway showing of Ankara like it had never been seen, wearing ‘iro n buba’ like it was the coolest thing out of the book. See for yourself!

Do i hear some ‘Sisi Eko’ music playing in the background? Ituen has vehemently proved the ‘iro and buba’ remake point, it looks like she reworked the typical 50’s Nigerian woman and made her into a high fashion darling. Full skirts, clinched waists, ankara bangles, ankara pumps, ankara bags, ankara statement neckpieces. Ituen totally injected craftmanship into the ordinary making it work for the 21st century woman and showing her skills as a home-bred designer.

Yes! we have another fringy session with Ituen just like with Bunmi Koko, we are totally loving the cropped jackets and high-waisted ankara skinnies. Mono strap floor sweeper and mono strap swing dress all reflecting the attention to detail Ituen Basi has inputed into these designs. Ituen Basi is talented!

Ituen Basi


Deola Sagoe’s ‘Vintage’ collection was birthed on the ramps on SCC, J’burg. Not to tell a lie, Deola Sagoe’s designs were very much anticipated and she didn’t fall short of expectation, Deola brought Glam to the runway leaving the guests/crowd in awe and amazement of her work. The vintage collection either gets you Melodramatic or it gets you Melodramatic and that’s because there’s no two-way about it, it takes you some sort of glamo-sphere. Deola is readily known for her ever-stylish approach to designs and she further proved her point!

A reflection of the swinging 60’s emphasizing the point that the collection is ‘vintage’, the overlapped ‘aso-oke’, sharp shoulders, accentuated waists all in a vintage flavour. Aso-oke juxtaposed with lace (below) giving it a Victorian era touch(Again a common inspiration), Polka re-vamp, floor length beauties. Deola Sagoe has pushed it to the very top and defined ‘her collection’ with ‘the collection’, the designs speak a million words. The swing 60’s outfits have attached to them, a sensual appeal, Deola has given the retro revamp an aroma that we want to smell again, the lace/crochet, the sheer panel all give this collection the name FABULOUS!

These floor length beauties remind me of under the sea creatures with a touch of color, metallic fabric giving the hips a different definition. Sagoe simply poured out glamour and high fashion. Brilliant Work!

Deola Sagoe

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