Hakymability – Gimme Some More ft. Eazi & SheunNakamura DOWNLOAD

HakymAbility, singer/songwriter debuts with his single: Gimme Some More from the stables of CODERED music produced by Kwame Keys featuring the nakamura boys – Eazi and Sheunakamura with their funny/interesting lyrics. This is one that has been on replay for me since. It is infective and definitely a potential party favorite. Listen up and enjoy!




EaziNakamura –  My Life DOWNLOAD

EaziNakamura – Desire DOWNLOAD

Another one from codered: This time, Eazinakamura goes at it alone on these two joints showing you an entirely different musical and lyrical side of himself. My life: insane lyrics.. “there is no nepa in my life o, girl you no you be my 1 generator“.. Desire: “you are with another guy, but I swear you are mine,cos in d future, its only you I see” Listen up and enjoy! Dont dull on this.


EaziNakamura – BojuBoju feat. David C DOWNLOAD

EaziNakamura – Paparazzi Ft Justin Maw, Hansonero DOWNLOAD

Check out  Mr eaZi aka EaZinakamura..currently based in ghana under the codered music group…eaZi brings originality..with lyrics dat have its way of getting into your head, coupled with the EASE with which he makes music..MR eazi sure has a diverse and eclectic sound, but keeps it real with his african roots and one keeps guessing what genre of music he would classify. Having worked with the likes of sheunakamura (label mate),B-Ice, ViVa,Elofiz,Yugo,K-Sweed,Peeweezel, justin-maw, andy dosty,Slimbo amongst others…eazi sure isn’t taking it EaZy.
Also Off the current project (nakamura the mixtape) codered presents: boju boju (ft david clay) which is sorta like a mix of Dotstar’s Stick Up Stank and paparatzi [paparazzi](ft justin_maw and hansonero). I bet your music player would surely be on repeat for these songs..cuz these CodeRed boys sure know how to make groovy music! Listesn up and enjoy!