Eldee and Oladele live in concert

Eldee and Oladele live in concert
Eldee and Oladele live in concert


  • T.I.M.E Ent’s initiative to bring an artist to Ottawa was very much welcome as the city of Ottawa has in recent times been arguably the social hub of African people in Canada thanks largely to the now household annual  NEPA party. This is really the biggest plus from this concert and must thank TIME ENT.
  • The crowd: The diversity of the crowd was very good. I expected people to come from Toronto, Montreal, Waterloo and they did. Individuals that are not Nigerian also made it to the concert, which is always a good look.
  • The use of a decorating and promotions team, INEN ORGANIZED, added a touch of class, reminiscent of what we got from NEPA with the paparazzi and flashing lights.
  • The location, Barrymore’s Music Hall, was an excellent choice, as it is the biggest hall the city has to offer, and is well designed for a stage.
  • The use of a local talent in Dj Chiggzy by the organzisers of this concert was very good,  and much appreciated by the people of the city.


  • Choice of Artist: Eldee,with all due respect,though an icon on the Nigerian Hip Hop scene, is not the best choice for a concert especially in a place like Ottawa where Nigerians do not have their largest domination in the country. A more sociable and energetic artist would do good in this city.
  • Time Management: With a show billed to start at 9pm and ending at 2:30am, you would expect a party to go on while the artist was not there and even continue after the concert,but that was not the case here. The attendees were barely moved all night and even with the performance of Lady Shellz to hype them up. The concert had ended before it began.
  • With an artist billed for a concert,you would expect he spend more than 12 minutes on stage.This was not the case with Eldee as he came in very late and performed 4 songs over the span of 12 minutes. Mr Eldee, the DON please do not do this again. If it were a party and Eldee poised to make a cameo appearance, it would be understandable but it was a concert,with the party as an added incentive.
  • The planning of the concert on the D-day was not what of expected for a show so well advertised and promoted.
  • There was no and I repeat no difference between regular and VIP at this concert. Things like this never go well with party-goers.
  • The crowd had expected 2 surprise artists and also Kris Kwamie at the concert, all three were not to be found, except Oladele was to make up for their disappearance. Or was their absence been the goal from the beginning?


The show, I must say did not live up to its hype but I hope the organizers have learnt from this concert and use it as a learning curve to bring us a bigger and better concert.We appreciate their effort and wish them the best.With the city fast becoming the hub of social events, slip-ups as this cannot be a mainstay. I now give my rating for this concert: 3.7/10

I would  let gidi readers tell me what they feel the concert deserved and raise any issues I did not rate,either as positives or negatives.