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Rising Nigerian rap sensation LUNIreturns with the very infectious and creatively crafted new music video for his latest single titled “One Thing Two”. After bursting unto the scene last year with the massive “Lakulli” and making a huge splash on Nigerian radio airwaves with his sophomore record – the infectious “One Thing Two” – earlier in the year, this long awaited and hugely sought after music video is now upon us!

Directed by the dynamic Paul “Gambit” Obata and centred on a boring office going wild and letting its hair all the way down, the music video for “One Thing Two” is an infectious visual representation – not only of the excellently catchy single but also of Luni’s witty lyrics, wordplay and contagious flow. Everything from Gambit’s clever use of creatively-crafted emoticons and imagery to the humorous typography and dialogue to the enthralling party scenes gives this music video a welcomed fun-filled edge and makes it a MUST watch!

Luni – One Thing Two

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